Window A/Cs in Thru-Wall Sleeves

It is a common occurrence in condos and apartments with through-the-wall style A/C sleeves to mistakenly replace old/broken units with window air conditioners instead of the proper thru-wall A/C required. One of the many problems that results from this is that window A/Cs are narrower than thru-wall A/Cs and the existing gap not only looks unprofessional, it creates opportunities for unwanted messes. Such as the bird’s nest in the unit pictured below.


mike may 11 012

Below is a picture of the same wall-sleeve, but with an A/C that H&C provided which properly fills the existing opening.

mike may 11 009

There are several other reason not to put a window A/C into a wall-sleeve, including:

  • improper ventilation
  • voided warranty
  • unnecessary extra labour
  • unprofessional and unsightly

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