Lindenwoods Winnipeg Room AC coversion


Enlarged opening to house the new universal sized Through wall sleeve

Here is another example of a project where we converted an old through wall air conditioner sleeve.  This old sleeve was original to the building and was designed and installed improperly.  It only housed a window (side vented) air conditioner and let moisture into the building envelope.

We removed the old sleeve, enlarged the wall opening and installed and sealed a universal sized through wall air conditioner sleeve and AC.  Due to this conversion the condo unit owner will never have trouble finding the correct size AC in future and they now enjoy 12,000 BTU’s (cools aprox 650 sq ft) instead of the 6,000 BTU’s (cools aprox 300 sq. ft)  they would be forced to go with otherwise.  All moisture issues are now solved as well thanks to a proper seal and drainage in the Through wall air conditioner sleeve.


New Universal Thru wall AC sleeve installed, sealed and slanted properly