Sleeve conversion install

Here is a recent installation where we converted an old small sleeve that used to house an 8,000 BTU window AC.  We removed the old sleeve, enlarged the wall opening, framed in the new sleeve and sealed it to the building envelope.  The new universal through wall sleeve now fits a 12,000 BTU rear vented AC (Through wall ACs must be rear vented).

There are many condos and apartments in MB and SK that have small side vented AC sleeves.  The biggest size AC these sleeves can now fit is 6,000 BTU’s (Cools only 225 sq ft.).  Converting your small AC sleeve to a larger manufacture recommended through wall sleeve is a great way to get an adequate sized AC into your living space.  Contact your local HC Air Conditioning representative for more information.


Modifying the existing wall opening to fit a universal sized through wall sleeve


12,000 BTU Through wall AC – now just needs to be sanded and painted (homeowners responsibility)


Universal sleeve is sealed to the building envelope and sloped outside to drain correctly