Thru-Wall Air Conditioners Okanagan

If you are a condo owner in the Okanagan and are looking for a new through-the-wall air conditioner, look no further. H&C specializes in helping condo owners get the correct replacement A/C. Not only do we supply, we install them too! Call H&C at 1-778-690-2016 for more info.

Thru-Wall Air Conditioners

Spring is in the air, and soon the air conditioners will be turning on. If you are a condo owner in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan or Manitoba and are in need of a new through-the-wall style air conditioner in your apartment. Give your local H&C rep a call or email sales@hcairconditioning.com

A/C Winter Covers

With spring in the air, it is a good time to remove your exterior A/C covers. At this time of year tenants may begin turning on their A/Cs. If an air conditioner is turned on with the exterior cover still attached it will put considerable strain on the unit and will likely lead to premature burnout.

Preseason Thru-Wall A/Cs

Spring will soon be in the air and with that comes a number of to-dos for already busy apartment managers. Don’t make replacement A/Cs any harder than it has to be. H&C is here to help, with databases of  thru-wall A/C sizes for almost all buildings in Winnipeg, Regina, Saskatoon, Prince Albert,  Medicine Hat, Kelowna & Vernon, and corresponding inventory, H&C has got you covered!

Soleus PTACs

H&C Air Conditioning is your Western Canadian Dealer of Soleus PTACs. Please call your local rep for more info.

Winter Drafts through your In-Wall A/C?

Cold winter air coming through through-the-wall air conditioners is a common problem, but don’t worry, there is a simple solution. H&C has both indoor and outdoor covers available for thru-wall air conditioners. Contact your local rep for more info.

Thru-Wall A/Cs Year-Round

Air conditioners can be hard to find in winter; of course most of the time there is no need. However, if you are in the process of renovating your apartments and hoping to get everything done as soon as possible, look no further for your new through-the-wall air conditioners. H&C keeps is warehouses stocked with a broad range of thru-wall product, year-round.

H&C is your One-Stop PTAC Supplier

At H&C we have PTACs of all types available, along with parts, accessories and a willingness to help. Call your local rep for more information.