Thru-Wall vs. Window Air Conditioner

Window and Thru-Wall Air Conditioners have a lot in common; they are both stand alone, plug into the wall type machines. They both have similar features, capabilities and even appearance. So you may be asking: What is the difference anyway?

It comes down to venting, and that is all. The intake vents for window air conditioners are on the sides of the unit while the exhaust (thing that looks like a radiator) is out the back. A window is only a few inches thick at most, so when placing a window A/C in a window, nothing is restricting these side vents, and as they are on the sides, they are naturally separated from the exhaust air coming out the back.

Thru-wall A/Cs are not able to have vents on the sides, as the sleeves they need to be put in and even the wall itself doesn’t allow room for placing vents on the sides. Instead, they are put on the back along with the exhaust. To help prevent exhaust air from being sucked into the intake vents, thru-wall A/Cs have grilles to help direct the exhaust air away from the intakes.

For this reason, a window A/C belongs in a window, and a thru-wall A/C belongs through a wall.

Call your local H&C Air Conditioning Rep if you are wondering what type of A/C you require.