AC Swap at 794 Allegheny Dr.

Here is an installation we recently did for one of our great property management clients Rancho Realty at one of their rental complexes.
Rancho-721-794 Alleghany(4)Rancho-721-794 Alleghany(5)
 Pictures 1 & 2 are the tenant’s brand new unit
 Rancho- 721-794 Alleghany(1)
Seen above was the tenant’s old unit that was removed.
We removed the current small, side vented AC sleeve that only fit a 6,000 BTU window unit and replaced it with a correct universal sized through wall sleeve which can house up to a 12,000 BTU AC.  We’re pretty sure the tenant in this suite appreciates it!
 Rancho- 721-794 Alleghany(1)