AC Conversion from Electrohome AC Sleeve

There are a number of Apt. and Condo buildings in MB and SK that have old 23″ wide electrohome thru wall AC sleeves in them.  These sleeves are 23″ wide and as you know if you have ever tried to find a new thru wall AC to fit in one – they basically do not exist.  There is one supplier that makes them this size and you are looking at close to $1500 to purchase one!

We take a different (Long term) approach, we convert the sleeve to a standard universal thru wall size.  You are now able to house a 12,000 BTU AC in this sleeve and in the future never have to worry about sizing issues or paying $1500 for a new room air conditioner!


New 12,000 BTU Thru wall Universal sized AC  New Thru wall Universal Sleeve